Since 2005, Erksan Environmental Technologies and Waste Management A.Ş. we provide waste management services to waste producers. We have developed our scope with the sludge drying and disposal facility located in Kocaeli province within the scope of Eral Atık Management which was joined to our group in 2012.

Eral Waste Management Inc. Thanks to our "Sludge Drying / Disposal Facility" which is licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as; to recover sludge, to meet the fuel needs of cement factories, thereby reducing the use of natural resources, supporting less fossil fuel use and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. However, we are working to create added value for the country's economy as well as leave a more livable world for future generations.

Sensitive to the environment, innovative and focused on solutions Eral Atık A.Ş. has been continuing to be an organization that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level in the sector with its reliability and success for years.